BALLET  Palmerston Ballet School

Martin Jarvis


Professor Martin Jarvis' work in music education is highly regarded in the Northern Territory. Well known in the wider community as the creator of the Darwin Symphony Orchestra, he brings than 35 years of industry experience to the School Creative Arts and Humanities.

Professor Jarvis' muscial life started at the age of 14. His dedication to his craft has enabled him to travel the world with several orchestra, which also gave him the opportunity to study under many prestigous musicians.

After completing music education he moved to Darwin and joined CDU. He teaches viola, violin, conducting, and lectures in both ‘Modernity’ and ‘Creative Practice’, as well as artistically directing the Darwin Symphony Orchestra.

Professor Jarvis has won awards for his contibution to the Australian culture in particular the Northern Territory. His creativity and dedication led to the introduction of outdoor symphonies in remote locations, the first of its kind in the NT. One notable performance was the award-winning event on a floating pontoon in Katherine Gorge.